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Hollywood OG

It is an Indica dominant hybrid that the only identified parent is the OG Kush and the other one is hidden as unknown. It’s the same with its breeder too that hasn’t surfaced in the public eye. It is the popular strain in California and Arizona that is used for both recreational purposes and medical applications. It has balanced effects that last for a long time so it impresses Cannabis enthusiasts. Therefore, it gained popularity.

It grows pointy and spade-shaped flowers that are amazingly big. They’re dense and compact that capped with orange hairs and white, translucent trichomes which gives it the sticky texture. Some phenotypes of this weed from purple hue when exposed to cold weather.

Flavor and Effects of Hollywood OG

The aroma and flavor are similar as they’re both with a blend of tropical citrus and diesel bouquet with a spicy and earthy aftertaste. It delivers a high-powered cerebral buzz that creates creativity so one thinks freely or use it in a brainstorming. It also brings positive vibes so it enhances the user’s social skills as they engage in a nice conversation with their peers and even with strangers. As the cerebral effect wears off, the Indica effect will take on the show.

It has a relaxing effect that may urge you to look for a comfortable sofa or bed. Users can breathe deeply as they sink in with their surroundings and forget the pressure in the outside world.

Medical Benefits of Hollywood OG

Many medical Cannabis patients depend on this strain. People with attention deficit disorder may find enough focus needed in a single task. It can uplift a person’s mood so it can handle mental disorders like depression and stress that can be in the level of mild to moderate. It has analgesic properties for temporary pain that you can encounter on a day of your life and chronic pain which is the type given by arthritis and lupus.

It’s also a remedy for insomnia as it can provide a quality sleep in an adequate amount of time.

Negative Effects of Hollywood OG

Smoking this strain will give consumers dry mouth and dry eyes and it increases salivation too. There’s a possibility that it can heighten anxiety. Some users may feel dizziness and headache.

Growing Hollywood OG

It’s easy to grow weed that can thrive outdoors and indoors where it can be easily accommodated because of its compact structure. Outdoor cultivation needs to have a humid and Mediterranean climate. Clippings from a matured and health plant must be secured to start cultivation by cloning.

If you aspire to get the purple hue for your harvest, you need to expose the plants to 10 to 15 degrees Celsius before the flowering stage begins.

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