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Created by the geneticists from the Kannabia Seeds, the Hobbit is a cross between the Ginger Ale strain and an unknown Ruderalis strain. Its THC levels are consistently moderate and hover around the 15% range.

Flavor and Effects of Hobbit

This strain is very pungent and offers an aromatic and flavor profile of sweet strawberries and candy. Undernotes of earthiness make the entire flavor combination come together, make it one of the most mouth-watering strains in the market.

The effects of this strain start with a pressure behind your eyes. It slowly spreads throughout the body while offering you waves of sedation and functionality. You will feel dreamy, happy and sociable with friends. As the stone starts to set in, you will feel the sedative effects completely take over and you will want to hit the couch or bed for a good, long sleep.

What are the medicinal benefits of Hobbit

Even if its THC levels are not as potent as many other strains, the Hobbit cannabis hybrid is still an effective aid for patients who are struggling with certain mental ailments. This includes stress, depress, anxiety, mood disorders, and bipolar tendencies.

Negative Effects of Hobbit

The Hobbit strain can cause dry and itchy throat, which is a result of dehydration. Marijuana has cannabinoids that inhibit moisture. To manage these uncomfortable effects, make sure to have a source of water handy and ensure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the session.

Growing Hobbit

This strain is highly resistant to common diseases, such as molds and mildew. It is one of the easiest plants to grow. When cultivating indoors, however, it can grow rather pungent so it is important to invest in air filters. When growing the plant outdoors, make sure it receives a temperate to warm climate to help the plant reach its full potential.