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Hippie Cripple

The Hippie Crippler is the offspring of the popular AK-47 strain and the Blue Satellite strain. It boasts of a long-lasting high that has garnered a huge fan base. The nugs of this strain are small to medium in size. They adhere to each other in a dense and popcorn-like structure. The leaves are a light shade of green and are covered with brown pistils and amber trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Hippie Crippler

The Hippie Crippler has a very strong flavor profile. It is a mixture of pine and earthy flavors. It also has an equally strong aroma of the same characteristics. On the exhale, it leaves a pungent diesel aftertaste on the tongue.

As its names imply, the effects of this strain can be crippling. It offers a long-lasting and dreamy effect that takes on quickly. You will feel certain sights and sounds take on new and larger intensities. You may feel disoriented and trippy, too. It will make you more sociable and you will highly enjoy this strain with your friends. On the comedown, you will feel a sudden urge to lie down and sleep. It is a good bud to smoke late in the evening or on the weekends when you have no activities lined up.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Hippie Crippler

Its sedative effects make the Hippie Crippler an effective bud for people struggling with sleeping disorders. It is also an effective aid for pains and aches. This can include temporary aches, like headaches and migraines, and it can also include chronic inflammations, like lupus.

Negative Effects of Hippie Crippler

The Hippie Crippler can cause dry mouth or cottonmouth. It can also cause dry eyes. Both effects are common when using marijuana and can be avoided by downing glasses of water throughout the high.

Growing Hippie Crippler

Interested growers must obtain clippings from mature and healthy plants to cultivate their own clones of the Hippie Crippler. It can be grown outdoors and indoors. When outdoors, it demands a semi-humid and Mediterranean climate in order to thrive. It also grows rather bushy so regular cropping is required to ensure all nodes receive the appropriate sunlight and air for maximum yield.

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