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Hippie Chicken

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Crossbreeding the different strains called the Alaskan Thunder Fuck, an impressive strain that is soaring in new heights and energy and the second parent is the Blueberry, known to provide couch-locking high, resulted in a spectacular Hippie Chicken cannabis strain, Sativa leaning with a high THC level that results in a full psychedelic high in the body. The aroma is playing more on the pungent side with a sweet blueberry scent and woody undertones.

Flavor and Effects of the Hippie Chicken

You will never be going to think twice to try these fruity citrus flavors with spicy berry twist and, pepper sweet on the exhales tastes. Every effect of the Hippie Chicken is exaggeratingly superb from the euphoric happiness that you will feel that leads to a very creative mind. The uplifting effects will lead you to more energy thus, making you more productive

Medical Benefits of Hippie Chicken

Hippie Chicken is often a good choice to de-stress yourself from any problem, avoid depression, treat nausea and fatigue, and can also be used in alleviating pain, but not all ailment with pain can be dealt with.

Negative Effects of Hippie Chicken

You will have a very dry mouth, feeling dizzy, dry eyes and anxious as well.

Growing Hippie Chicken

Hippie Chicken may take a long time to flower from the middle of October to early November. In this kind of strain, you must equip your plant with healthy soil by using organic material such as fruit peels and other proper nutrients to make sure that it can grow very well.