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Hijo De Chingada

Hijo De Chingada

Hijo De Chingada is a cross between Abusive OG, an indica variety, and Pablos Gold which is a sativa. Abusive OG is originally from Afghanistan while the roots of Pablos Gold are currently unknown. The strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. It is predominantly THC variety and is/was never to be had in feminized seed form. This strain is cultivated by Snow High Seeds whose founder is both a breeder and a very passionate cannabis lover. He was formerly interested as well in psychotropics and hallucinogens as well as their effects on the body.

Medical Benefits of Hijo de Chingada

Hijo de Chingada is considered to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia, and migraines among many others.

Effects of Hijo de Chingada Strain

This strain’s indica body high is coupled with a uniquely powerful head high suggestive of the sativa strain. Users experience an instant onset of happiness and euphoria that causes them to be totally stimulated, incredibly focused and highly motivated. As users’ moods soar, their energy will begin to ebb dropping them down to a dreamy relaxing feeling.

Growing Hijo de Chingada Info & Tips

Nothing much can be said about Hijo de Chingada due to the limited resources except that it is a cross of the indica Abusive OG and sativa Pablo’s Gold. The pure indica Abusive OG strain gives off an earthy, skunky and spicy scent whereas the sativa Pablo’s Gold is a bit spicy and has a pungency that is cheesy and skunky so Hijo de Chingada probably has that skunky and spicy aroma as well.