High School Sweetheart

This is a frosty strain drenched in thick trichomes made by Gage Seeds Genetics. It is a cross between Cherry Pie Kush and Grateful Breath. Just like what you felt during the high school days, this weed will make its smokers feel carefree. Every puff of this weed will fuel innocence and youthfulness.

It can fill your garden with unique flowers that cause its potency. It has also delectable flavor which makes it a perfect showcase for a strain. It grows tight nugs and amazing dense and large colas that may put every grower in awe. It won’t disappoint any hash makers. It has light effects that can make you feel energetic so it is recommended to be consumed during the day and in the evening to get the party started.

Flavor and Effects of High School Sweetheart

It delivers earthy aroma mingled with gassy and fruity undertones. While the skunky flavor is accentuated with sweetness and blueberries. Consumers of this strain will experience a well-rounded high. This kind of high can take you back down memory lane because of its nostalgic capacity. Each toke will activate the youngster’s traits of being carefree and innocent.

To present each effect that brings changes to the condition of this weed’s users, they may turn talkative, aroused, relaxed, uplifted and happier than before.

Medical Benefits of High School Sweetheart

This weed has a variety of effects and that makes it a part of the treatment of some medical ailments. It has properties that can provide relief for people who are suffering from pain brought by headache, muscle spasm and chronic glaucoma that causes eye pressure. It is capable of handling different types of pain. It is also given to individuals to ease out fatigue. It can lower the symptoms of mental illnesses like depression.

Negative Effects of High School Sweetheart

This strain’s adverse effects are the minor ones which are dry mouth and red eyes. These can be easily prevented or driven away out of your system by drinking a lot of water or fluids. Novice smokers should stick with the dosage they can handle to stop pronounced side effects from happening.

Growing High School Sweetheart

This strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Growers can begin with the cultivation by securing clippings of this plant that is resilient to molds and mildew. Indoor cultivation should be supplied with the right types of equipment allowed for lighting and ventilation. The lighting system should be installed not too low that it can burn the plants.

Outdoor plantation needs to be protected from harmful factors like pests, diseases and weather changes or temperature fluctuation. Overwatering and overfeeding should be avoided as their effects are also like a nutrient deficiency. Be a patient grower and monitor your plants regularly.

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