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High Noon Irish Cream

Bred by High Noon Cultivation from Oregon, High Noon Irish Cream is a cross of Cookies & Cream and The Real McCoy. Its fragrance is pungent, skunky, fruity, and spice. The buds of High Noon Irish Cream is dense with crystal-like trichomes. It is a playful color mix of different shades of green and dark purple sugar leaves

Flavor and Effects of High Noon Irish Cream

A flavor of skunk and sweet will entice you on your first inhale. A pungent and spicy taste will follow as you exhale.

High Noon Irish Cream delivers a well-balanced high making you euphoric and relaxed without couch lock tendencies. With just a few puffs, happiness will envelop you. It will lift your mood and make you hungry. Both beginners and long-time smokers can enjoy mental and body high; it brings all throughout the day.

Medical Benefits of the High Noon Irish Cream strain

High Noon Irish Cream possesses mood-lifting, analgesic, and stimulating therapeutic properties. As such, it helps in treating pain, stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of High Noon Irish Cream.

Just like any other medical marijuana, High Noon Irish Cream presents with dry mouth and dry eyes. You may want to down in a few glasses of water than the usual to wane the effects. Alongside it, dizziness, headache, and paranoia may occur. Best, be cautious, and consume the strain in moderation.

Growing High Noon Irish Cream

High Noon Irish Cream thrives both indoors and outdoors. But, it does love a warm, dry outdoors with lots of sunlight. This plant grows tall and is resistant to mildew and parasites.

Indoors, the flowering time comes 8 to 9 weeks. A 13 ounces per square meter yield can be expected during harvest. While outdoors, an estimated yield of 16 ounces per plant is ready for harvest around mid-October.

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