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High Five

High Five is a cross between Tahoe OG and Do-Si-Dos. Its breeders are Archive Seed Bank, who created this strain in admiration for Tahoe’s famous ski run.
It grows heavy resinous buds. Since the aroma is still yet under the review process, we can just imagine smelling Tahoe OG’s pungent, spicy, earthy lemons mixed with Do-Si-Dos’ lime and pine.

Flavor and Effects of High Five

High Five is a concoction of tasteful minty cookies mixed with lemon, pine, spices, and woods.
High five produces a potent cerebral high and body relaxation. It hits hard and has tendencies to couch lock. You will experience euphoria, happiness, mood boosts, and body relaxation. Experienced users may enjoy this more than novices since it may have high THC levels due to its parentage.

Medical Benefits of High Five

Medically speaking, High Five has a few medical benefits to date. Its mood-boosting and calming effects are good for treating people who suffer from pain, anxiety, depression, muscle tension, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of High Five.

Just like any other marijuana strain, High Five is present with side effects of slight dehydration. This is characterized by dryness of mouth and eyes. An increase in your daily fluid intake improves hydration. In some cases, anxiety and dizziness may occur. As a caution, do not overuse and test one’s tolerance first before indulging in high doses.

Growing High Five

High Five plants grow tall and strong with buds of heavy resin. It thrives on both indoors and outdoors. Little information is known on how to cultivate High Five. It is still in the process of review. What we know is that it takes around 7o days to flower. You can prune the plants to control their growth. Watch out for molds and pests that ravage any plant.

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