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Heri C99

Heri C99

Heri C99 is an offspring of Herijuanna and Cinderella 99 cannabis strains. Created by Da Bean Co., she is a phenotype with a unique gorilla arm structure. It projects a fleshy bud at the tip of its rubber-like branches.

Flavor and Effects of Heri C99

Heri C99 got its sweet fruity flavor from its parental strains. The effect of this strain is commonly numbing. Once smoked, the high of Heri C99 It gives you a dreamy, uplifting, relaxed and euphoric trip.

Medical Benefits of Heri C99

Heri C99 and its medicinal convenience is equally helpful like other strains. It battles with depression, insomnia, stress but more suitable for chronic pains.

You might want to consider Heri C99 to aid you in a heavy dance practice, intense yoga or working on a huge project that requires you to boost your creativity. This is recommendable.

Negative Effects of Heri C99

If you are a newbie planning to hit on this strain, you must take caution. With its high level of THC content, this could yield negative effects if taken in a larger dose including severe nausea and paranoia.  Expect dry eyes, cottony mouth and dizziness after you use this strain.

Growing Heri C99

Heri C99 has a rare growth pattern. It requires strong planning to grow its branches. It responds more on a warm and temperate atmosphere that makes this strain more comfortable to grow outdoors. It can be grown indoors as well but it requires more tools and techniques to do such.

Both parental strains grows phenotypes rapidly, you can expect however, that the flowering period of Heri C99 might be slower. But with proper monitoring and growing methods surely it grow full swing.