It is a cross of Gupta Kush and Hawaiian Urkle that provides long-lasting effects for all-day consumption. It introduces new elements of a strain. It’s a heavy hitter but it has an invigorating effect that is not too racy. It can make you feel like you’re capable to surmount things that come along your way. Beginners should be careful with this high potent stay or they may want to pass on it.

Colorado Seeds Inc has made this powerful strain that is being adored everywhere just like the person in the Greek myth with the same name. This is great when you want to hike with your friends, workout or do some stuff at home.

Flavor and Effects of Hercules

The earthy, sweet floral smell of this strain has rich pungency of musk and grapes. The flavor is a mix of earth and sweet grapes with a tangy, tropical fruit on the exhale. The effect is ignited with a strength that’s a lightning bolt that takes your body and mind into overdrive. It may sound frightening but you will be in sheer bliss.

You will have the energy that can go together with positivity. Its Sativa part may put you in a relaxing effect any time of the day so just be careful with your pacing.

Medical Benefits of Hercules

This strain can both deal with body and mind health issues. It can simply melt the weight of anxiety, stress, and depression. It is capable of healing mental disorders due to the positive flow of energy. Patients who are suffering from pain can find relief from this weed. So they can go back to being normal again and continue with the tasks that they need to undertake.

Hercules strain is really powerful as it can also be used for AHDH. People who have this condition would gain the focus that they need from using this strain.

Negative Effects of Hercules

This strain may leave the dry mouth and irritated eyes to its consumers. Since this is a very potent strain, having a low tolerance may impose pronounced side effects. Rare cases of dizziness, headache, and slight paranoia might occur. It can sometimes provoke anxiety for some users.

Growing Hercules

This strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors by the skills of intermediate growers. Multitopping will have a good result for this plant. It can be done every growing cycle. This process will allow the plants to attain their full potential.

Increasing your yield would require adding time to its vegetative stage. For indoor cultivation, the right types of equipment should be added for the grow room or tent. There must be a good ventilation and lighting system. The good thing about an indoor setting is that you can control important factors for the plants to grow. Plants outdoors should be protected from pests, mold, mildew and common diseases.

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