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Hells OG

Hell’s OG

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The other names for this strain are Hell’s Angel OG and Biker’s Kush. It is rumored that a notorious bike club in Southern California created this breed. Though its background is not exactly documented, it will surely deliver an Indica knock-out relaxation. It has psychoactive effects that dwell in your system in an instant with a heavy impact. This strain can be used when hanging out with chums and for medical purposes.

The flowers are small, and they look like popcorn. They are also dense and tightly-packed. The leaves are in the dark hue of forest green, and the pistils are orange. White cloudy trichomes give their super sticky texture.

Flavor and Effects of Hell’s OG

This strain has a delightful taste despite not having a groovy aroma. The pleasing taste is from a mix of citrus and wood. It goes smooth down the throat. The cerebral buzz hits heavily, and it is mind-altering. The euphoria and uplifted effects make the consumers active in social course.

It is capable of giving users a couch-lock effect so it can be used at night for deep sleep.

Medical Benefits of Hell’s OG

This is a sought-after strain in the medical arena. The body relaxation it bears can ease someone’s pain brought by different conditions. It can contribute to the treatment of depression. People who have sleeping disorders owe a lot to this strain. After two hours of the physical body high, it makes them tired and sleepy, so it has the ability to lull users to slumber.

Negative Effects of Hell’s OG

Smokers shouldn’t forget the common reactions of smoking Cannabis. They are dry mouth and dry eyes, and they can be prevented through hydration. This strain is not suitable for everyone, so some may feel more anxious, especially those who are dealing with anxiety.

Due to its extreme potency, this strain can be a whopper or a big surprise for unprepared users. Its potency is long-lasting and destabilizing. After the first toke, you can give it a few minutes. You can try breathing slowly and deliberately to counteract side effects, or you can check for other tips to follow when you get too high.

Growing Hell’s OG

If you want to grow this strain, it can possibly be done by cloning as the seeds are not accessible. Clippings from matured plants are the things that you can begin with. It seems there’s hope for growers but not at all because growing tips for this breed are scarce. The things that are for sure are its preferred climate, and it can grow both indoors and outdoors. It’s a short bush with longer lateral branching than the others.