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Hellhound is an offspring of two lineages, specifically the Pestilence, a deeply-soothing strain, and Stardawg, a strong type of strain novice customers should note. As a result, mild and mellow cannabis developed.

Hellhound’s effects on its users take a few minutes before it unfolds. At first, the head rush will take place and some might feel uncomfortable, but once accustomed, users will submerge in profound relaxation. The strain’s sedation feature is tolerable, and the suggested time is during the early evening.

Flavor and Effects of Hellhound

The flavor of Hellhound originated from its parents, which are flowery and floral. After taking the strain, you might feel slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes, but when it finally kicks off, ease of mind will happen. Veteran customers advise Hellhound to be taken when you have no other obligations left to do as it will put you into an abyss of sleep.

 Medical Benefits of Hellhound

Due to its ability to put you to sleep, you may use it if you are suffering from insomnia. This is also a big help to treat exhaustion and fatigue.

 Negative Effects of Hellhound

You will experience dry mouth and eyes upon using Hellhound. Frequent usage leads to distortion of time and inability to make a proper decision. Also, Jelly-like limbs will occur after a long hour of sedation.

 Growing Hellhound

The seeds of Hellhound are feminized so growers should take note of the proper watering schedule. It can cultivate on both outdoors and indoors as long as regular attention is observed.

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