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Hellboy OG

Hellboy OG

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Bruce Banner is considered one of the most powerful cannabis due to its high buzz. Fused with a similar reputation, but with a mood improvement property, Hellboy OG developed fully.

Hellboy OG is a wonderful fruity €“ flavored strain. Its name differs from its outcomes as it sedates the users heavily, making it a part of the best cannabis to use during the night. Beginners should take note of its intolerable effects or else an adverse result may happen.

Flavor and Effects of Hellboy OG

The fruity flavor of Hellboy OG is one of its parent’s inheritance in it. That should not fool you though. Although the taste is fruity, the aftereffects will make you see the stars. The heavenly pull you will sense during the intake can improve your mood from sour to happy. Whatever your day turned out to be, Hellboy OG will surely alter that into a pure blissful sensation. It also serves as a pain reliever for body pains. It is best to take it at nighttime since it provides long-lasting slumber while being clearheaded at the same time.

 Medical Benefits of Hellboy OG

The state of euphoria that you will acquire from Hellboy OG can treat your stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also considered by many as a great pain reliever for all types of body aches. The feeling of drowsiness can also treat people who suffer from stubborn insomnia.

 Negative Effects of Hellboy OG

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common adverse effects you can get from this cannabis. As reported by a few users, paranoia may also occur.

 Growing Hellboy OG

Hellboy OG requires extra attention to its nutrient schedule for the flowering cycle since the mentioned phase is quite sensitive. If planted indoors, €œtopping€ must be practiced so its tall leaves will grow healthily. Outdoor planting is a great choice due to an unlimited space as it yields larger than usual.

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