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Heavy Duty Fruity

Heavy Duty Fruity

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Bred by T. H. Seeds, Heavy Duty Fruity is a West Coast native and a three-way cross between Seattle Big Bud, Killing Garberville, and Mendicino Hash Plant. It has a noticeably, powerful fruity aroma. It has long, dense green buds that are full of resin.

Flavor and Effects of Heavy Duty Fruity

Heavy Duty Fruity will leave a sweet citrus taste with a hint of pepper and spice. It would remind you of pineapples, banana, and mangoes.

Sativa leaning, it brings mental euphoria along with a sedative-induced stoned state that can make you lazy. Harvest time affects the kind high it brings. For a psychedelic mental high early harvest is advised (more than 50 days). For heavy sedative effects, a late harvest of 9 weeks is recommended. Other effects include: a tingly sensation, uplifted mood, stimulated appetite, and analgesia. Both expert and novice smokers can enjoy this strain, preferably in the daytime or evening.

Medical Benefits that Heavy Duty Fruity is known for

Heavy Duty Fruity is medically used for patients suffering from pain, stress, anxiety, muscle tension, nausea, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Heavy Duty Fruity.

Heavy Duty Fruity presents with side effects such as dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes, which are classic signs and symptoms of dehydration. You have to increase your water intake to remedy these conditions. Headache, anxiety, and couch lock is also known to occur depending on the users’ tolerance.

Growing Heavy Duty Fruity

This plant grows both indoors and outdoors. It reaches an above-average height, which needs topping at an early stage. Due to its strong smell, odor control measures should be placed, such as air cleaners or ozone generators.

Best produced indoors. You can use a plantlet method of 20-30 plants per meter. Hydroponics can also be used. This will make your garden flourish and increase the quality of the yield.

Flowering time indoors takes 8 to 9 weeks with a high yield of up to 21 ounces per square meter. While outdoors, flowers come by mid-October and produce 21 ounces of large buds with better flavors.