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Heavenly Sativa

Heavenly Sativa

A lovechild of a female Amnesia Pupil and a male Prayer Tower, Heavenly Sativa is a divine strain from MassMedicalStrains. The sativa dominant hybrid grows to dense plant with amazing texture, and can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse.

Flavor and Effects of Heavenly Sativa

The divine strain presents Amnesia Pupil’s lemon, haze, solvent, and buttery aroma and flavor, as well as Prayer Tower’s mouth-watering sweetness of fruits with tropical hash. This complex set can send you to a heavenly high. It will supply you with enough energy to get you through the tasks that you need to complete on a typical busy workday. It will keep you in an uplifted state and will unleash the snoozing ideas in your mind. You will also become a chatterbox, and you will find it easier to laugh and hold a conversation.

Medical Benefits of Heavenly Sativa

The weed’s buzz of euphoria is helpful for easing anxiety. It can also help in uplifting people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Since the focus is increased, it can help people with attention deficit disorder. The strain can also be used to a certain degree to relieve any physical pain and help with poor appetite.

Negative Effects of Heavenly Sativa

While it cannot be helped that some users might not be able to control themselves in overindulging. However, this can lead to cotton mouth, dry eyes, and dry throat, which can be effortlessly appeased by drinking a glass of water. Larger dosages can lead to paranoia, migraine, lethargy, headache, and anxiety. You can easily dodge the more major effects by staying within your tolerance.

Growing Heavenly Sativa Some information and Tips

The strain responds well to Screen of Green (SCROG) growing partnered with Low Stress Training (LST). Feeding is done sporadically to avoid nutrient burn. It can grow tall with its sativa genes, so ensure there is enough space for the roots to grow. Choose the containers wisely.