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Headlock OG

Headlock OG

Headlock OG is the delicious result of crossing  Colorado Chemdawg and Nightmare OG. It was bred by Aficionado Seed Bank. The parent strains were chosen for the potency, high yield, vigor, and more intense flavor than its Headband OG sibling. The indica dominant strain can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Flavor and Effects of Headlock OG

The indica leaning strain presents Colorado Chemdawg’s pungent, earthy and gassy flavor, and pine, lemon, and blueberries from Nightmare OG.  It delivers a balanced indica and sativa high at a rapid rate. It is calming, but also energizing at the same time. It will launch you to a happy high, sending out negative thoughts, and stashing your mind with positive ones after. While it is calming, you still remain functional and productive.

Medical Benefits of Headlock OG

The strain provides increased mental relaxation, along with muscle massages. The strain relieves arthritis, headache, neck pain, and back pain. It also helps in soothing nausea and can decrease acute pain. Appetite is also stimulated, so patients with anorexia can count on it for the munchies. Dopamine is also increased, so though it is relaxing, the user is more productive and creative. The mood is also calmed for anxiety and depression patients.

Negative Effects of Headlock OG

The downsides of Headlock OG strain are also delivered fast, especially if consumed carelessly. Users will experience drowsiness, paranoia, nausea, and anxiety. If intake is controlled, only mild effects may appear, such as the usual cotton mouth, dry eyes, and parched throat, which can be eluded by simply drinking some water.

Growing Headlock OG Some information and Tips

The weed is best grown through the Sea of Green (SOG) due to its indica genes. It can stretch and grow busy, so topping and pruning will help in promoting air ventilation. Like its parents, its delicious aroma catches attention, so it is best to install anti-odor carbon filters. Fertilizer should not be overfed and must include nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.