It’s obvious from its name that it can give a mind-numbing cerebral high. Karma Genetics bred this hybrid strain by crossing Biker Kush v2.0 and Sour Diesel. To show proof of its quality, it has garnered awards from the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. It won’t disappoint you as it can really send people up high in the sky. The OG flavor of this strain is robust.

The sizes of its flowers range from small to medium. They are dense and popcorn-like in clusters. The pistils are rust-colored, and the leaves are in a bright color of lime green. Milky white trichomes dust the surface and making it sticky.

Flavor and Effects of Headbanger

It has a sharp smell of skunk, and it has a citrus smell when broken into pieces. It has a smooth smoke considering its hashy flavor. The exhale is with the sweet and sour taste of overripe fruit. This strain is a creeper as it takes a few minutes to kick in. It sends energetic buzz, and it uplifts the spirit at the same time to tolerate the euphoric feeling.

It increased focus and creativity, so users feel pumped up and motivated to work. With these results, it’s ideal to use it during the day. The cerebral effects pull in relaxation for smokers.

Medical Benefits of Headbanger

Its medical usage primarily leans toward the psychological aspect. It enhances mood so it can temporarily appease mild to moderate types of stress and depression. Attention deficit disorder can be corrected by its lasting sense of lucidity. Patients can concentrate well on a single task.

Negative Effects of Headbanger

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the usual concerns when smoking weed. It can be altered by drinking plenty of water. Since this is an undeniably potent strain, it may be harsh to some who don’t have enough experience or those who have a low THC tolerance. It’s recommended to stay in your limit to avoid feeling paranoid, anxious, dizzy, and other unwanted effects.

Growing Headbanger

Growing headbanger is rewarding and fun at the same time as it can give you a high yield. But sadly, not all growers are qualified as it requires some experiences of planting weed. This plant can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors. You have to make sure that it gets sufficient sunlight when it’s outside.

The height of this strain needs to be controlled when it’s planted indoors. Growers need to trim or prune it, especially in a vegetative state, as they can stretch up to six feet. It’s a pungent weed even though it just stands as a plant. It can’t be avoided to invest in an odor control system like carbon air filters, so your plants are kept from others.

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