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The name of this strain may let you think of a high that wraps your head. This is a lovechild of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. There is more than one claim of being its breeder. The ones on the list are Reserva Privada and 707 Headband. Whichever of them is the original breeder; it doesn’t change the fact that this has a creamy and smooth smoke. It’s capable of giving the consumer a potent and stony high, and its appearance is also appealing.

It has dense nuggets that are conical and spade-like. The leaves carry the color of pale green, but on some of its phenotypes, there are shades of purple. Its popularity is known on the West Coast. The high can be strong, but small doses have pleasant effects.

Flavor and Effects of Headband

The aroma plays on scents of tangy lemon with the notes of pine and faint skunkiness. It has a creamy mouthfeel, and citrus taste also comes along on the smoke. The exhale has more of diesel and chemical funk. Its effect is mostly concentrated on body buzz, so smokers will feel worry-free and relaxed. The effects shouldn’t be taken lightly as it has high THC.

Happy consumers can formulate new ideas out of the creativity that it injects into their system. It can also make them feel a bit spacey but not totally couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Headband

It has great sedative properties so it can undertake mild anxiety and chronic insomnia, but the high dosage is needed. It can alleviate symptoms brought by migraines and muscle spasm. It provokes hunger, so it’s beneficial for those who lost their appetite because of chemotherapy or other diseases. It works as a supplementary treatment for them. Furthermore, it works well in eliminating inflammation, hyperactivity, arthritis, nausea, ADHD, and ADD.

Negative Effects of Headband

The adverse effects of this weed are the same as other breeds. It can cause eye irritation and dry mouth or cottonmouth. It’s highly potent, so some users may become paranoid. There are smokers who had a headache and dizziness just after a few puffs.

Growing Headband

It’s a fairly easy strain to go indoors and outdoors. Beginners can have this as their first weed. Growers should be mindful of the environment to keep it healthy and vigorous. It grows fast by cloning, and it starts to develop quickly in a vegetative state.

They must pay attention to the level of humidity. There’s also a need to put up a shelter for it when it’s being grown outdoors. It’s to protect them from frequent rain or frost as it prefers to thrive in a humid climate.