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Haze Mist

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Flying Dutchmen created the Haze Mist by using strains that have very good qualities. South Indian Sativa and Skunk No. 1’s offspring was crossbreed with the Haze, which resulted in this fun and perfect for recreation cannabis.

Though, sadly, the Haze Mist inherited a downside of Sativas, the long flowering period. But nevertheless, the high it can provide can surpass the disappointment. Because of its cerebral that reached sky-high, it stimulates the body and mind to accomplish tasks for the day.

Flavor and Effects of the Haze Mist

You will love the combination of sweet and sour taste with hints of spicy herb. As for the effects, fully energized with a focused and very happy, and as it mellows down, hunger strikes, and you have to be ready for devouring your favorite food.

Medical Benefits of Haze Mist

Battling insomnia is much easier when Haze Mist is around, even nausea and stress will be reverse to give comfort to the suffering body

Negative Effects of Haze Mist

Moderate consumption of the Haze Mist can cause dry eyes and dry mouth, so hydrating is the key to reducing the unfavorable effects.

Growing Haze Mist

Haze Mist is an easy to grow cannabis that will take a long time. The garden outside must go through the mulching method, basically covering the soil with any organic material that can help in water retention and decreasing weed growth, thus growing it a healthier plant