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Haze Berry

Haze Berry

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Haze Berry, a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid that was created by crossbreeding the Super Silver Haze and the Blueberry strains. With the combination, the features are very pleasing to the eyes with its circular deep green nugs with light amber hairs and a dense frosty coat of tiny white crystal trichomes, while the aroma is a prominent fragrant haze with berries and fresh earthy musk.

Flavor and Effects of the Haze Berry

Fill your taste bud with the luscious fruit with berry and vanilla sweetness followed by the herbal, earthy flavors. Experience the euphoric high with very relaxing happiness, combined with an uplifted spirit and high energy as well.

Medical Benefits of Haze Berry

The Haze Berry can be used in controlling chronic pain, relaxing body from depression in fatigue and inflammation, and stress.

Negative Effects of Haze Berry

You may feel the dry mouth and headache sometimes would be associated with headaches and dizziness. And most of all, if consuming more than usual, expect to top the effect with anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Haze Berry

Haze Berry is quite a tall plant, but it is not at all lanky. Its branches and stalks are more solid. Therefore, it has a better probability of withstanding in the northern hemisphere. In fact, this can even be harvested a week prior to in comparison with other strains. When it comes to strategies and methods, there might be few to do in order to attain a good yield and a healthier batch of Haze Berry. It should be grown where sunlight has a lot of chances than colder temperatures. Armor your plants with strong support towards sudden changes of weather or with a strong gust of wind that can bend even the strongest branches. When it comes to the colder temperature, this plant will easily get frosted; the temporary covering can make it warm but not really very effective, it might still have a chance that it can stunt the growth. Therefore, the better it is to avoid those described factors.

When indoor is the best choice for you, then it will thrive better. Growers choose controllable environments from natural for reasons such as, easy to adjust factors such as lighting, temperature, and humidity to accommodate the needs of the plant. Plants can easily be trained with techniques such as the Screen of Green method, where to line up all the plant horizontally, making it easier for pruning and trimming. The ScrOG method can also help in ventilating the inside branches of the plant that results to not easily get sick and away from molds. This method requires weaving the branches into the net. Thus, produces more extra budding that will increase yields.

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