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Hawaiian Thunder Fuck

Hawaiian Thunder Fuck is a Sativa dominant strain that reminds you of the fruity bubblegum when consumed. A hybrid of unknown origin, its medium-sized buds are deep to light green, extremely sticky, and are covered in brown pistils. It is a cross between Alaskan Thunder Fuck and Hawaiian Snow. Its aroma is a sweet bouquet of fruits and bubblegum.

Flavor and Effects of Hawaiian Thunder Fuck

Hawaiian Thunder Fuck has a fruity bubblegum taste that makes you crave for more.

Since it is more sativa than indica, it has a more pronounced mental high. You will be in heavenly euphoria and happiness in no time. A boost in energy, creativity, and giggly fits would empower you. Calmness and relaxation will seep throughout your body. It is a daytime strain that both beginners and experienced smokers can enjoy. It is best paired and used for socialization or just for having a good time with friends.

Medical Benefits of Hawaiian Thunder Fuck

Medically speaking, Hawaiian Thunder Fuck’s energy-boosting and relaxing effect can help in the management of stress, pain, nausea, fatigue, and depression.

Negative Effects of Hawaiian Thunder Fuck.

Two of the common cannabis-induced dehydration side effects are parched mouth and dry eyes. You have to hydrate to get rid of these effects. A right eye moisturizing drop will help you with the dry eyes.

Additionally, some users experience insomnia, headaches, anxiety, paranoia, and laziness. Moderation is the key to avoid them.

Growing Hawaiian Thunder Fuck

Growing Hawaiian Thunder Fuck is moderately painful since its cultivation is yet to be reviewed. Being a sativa dominant plant, it becomes tall and therefore needs a spacious environment. It also thrives in warmer climates. Cultivating in the outdoors is then the best option.

Trim the plants to control growth. Remove dying leaves. Feed them with nutrients such as extra phosphorus or potassium. Check the PH balance of the soil. It should be around 5.5 to 6. Be watchful of mold and parasites as they can damage the plants.

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