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Hawaiian Snow

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The Hawaiian Snow was the offspring after combining the three strains that are uniquely known to its different qualities, the Pure Haze, the Neville’s Haze, and the Hawaiian Haze. On its existence, it already paved it came into the cannabis world because of its cerebral high and excellent medicinal contents.

Flavor and Effects of the Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow’s complex flavors are the sweet tropical pine and eucalyptus, and intense earthy herbs taste at first, but then as the high settles in the citrus undertone will be much more on the lemony grassy taste exhale on its smoke. The effect that is most sought after this strain is that it provides a very energizing head high that is tremendously uplifting in a way that leads to being feeling happy and active. This is a perfect morning surprise during social events and other ventures that need to be in a very high mode of enthusiasm, which is upliftingly euphoric and amazing creativity.

Medical Benefits of Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow’s therapeutic use makes it very distinguished from other cannabis out there. Its CBD can reach up to 1.10%, which makes it very suitable for any type of disease. It is very beneficial to a patient with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. This is an efficient stress-reliever and anti-depressant. On the other hand, this strain’s Indica side help in alleviating pain and helping insomniacs to get some sleep.

Negative Effects of Hawaiian Snow

Regardless of how well-known and valuable the Hawaiian Snow is, it nevertheless has the reason of causing some negative reactions. The majority of these cases include enduring dry mouth and dry eyes. There may also be a few chances where it can start anxiety attacks, especially if you are sensitive to high THC levels. Other mild cases are headache and dizziness.

Growing Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is one of those strains that demand some level of expertise to plant. The overall cultivation may need a lot of tolerance and proper care. But the fact that this strain is heavy when the batch reaches full maturity, will be very rewarding. The rewarding part is not just focused on the number and amount of the yield but also when it comes to the qualities of cannabis.

Hawaiian Snow can be grown either indoor or outdoor. However, indoor farming may demand to be placed individually in the slot, but you can always put 3 to 4 seeds at a time, making the yield more triple at times with enriched soil as the medium, this method is called hydroponics, but remember the medium varies and not only soil. On the other hand, outdoor planting demands a warm and sunny climate, but since it will be harder to protect plants outside, there should be a temporary canopy or shelter in cases and chances of heavy rains.