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Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hawaiian Purple Kush is a cross between Hawaiian and Purple Kush. It emits an aroma of sweet berries. Its buds have thick, dense lumpy rock-hard dark olive green nugs with bright neon green leaves and an abundance of fiery orange hairs. It is visibly coated in thick chunky white trichomes and a blanket of sweet sticky resin.

Flavor and Effects of Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hawaiian Purple Kush is a flavorful concoction of sweet berries. A fruity aftertaste lingers after the last toke.

Its cerebral high induces euphoria, happiness, an uplifted mood, creativity, and energy. This head high is followed by total body relaxation, hunger pangs, and lethargy with an intense couch-lock that ends in sleep. Hawaiian Purple Kush is best used as nighttime marijuana.

Medical Benefits of Hawaiian Purple Kush

Medically speaking, Hawaiian Purple Kush and its therapeutic properties can help with the management of health conditions such as arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, cramps, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, PMS, and stress. It acts as an analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, appetite booster, and relaxant.

Negative Effects of Hawaiian Purple Kush.

Regardless of the strain, marijuana causes dehydration. This is characterized by cottonmouth and dry itchy eyes. As a remedy, you have to hydrate to get rid of these effects.  Downing on a few glasses of water than the usual will taper down the reactions. Additionally, you can use an eye moisturizer to soothe those irritated eyes.

Rarely, greening out may also occur. This is characterized by anxiety, dizzy spells, and worse, paranoia. This is due to the overconsumption of Hawaiian Purple Kush. To avoid this, moderation is advised.

Growing Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hawaiian Purple Kush is not currently marketed online. If you do get a clone of this plant, it thrives best in a warm environment. Growers can choose to grow this marijuana plant indoors or outdoors. Indica leaning, it will grow short and squat. It has broad fan leaves that need pruning.

It flowers at 7 to 9 weeks when cultivated indoors. Harvest gives a yield of 10 to 12 ounces of fresh buds per square meter. You can use soil or water as a medium. Soil enhances the quality of the plant’s flavor and fragrance. Water optimizes nutrient absorption and hastens the flowering period. Outdoors, this strain blossoms towards the end of September. Growers can expect produce of at least 12 ounces of buds.