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Hawaiian Honey Purple

Hawaiian Honey Purple

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The Hawaiian Honey Purple comes from the mixed Hawaiian Honey and Grand Daddy Purple, which phenomenally produced heavy yields. It also shows therapeutic characteristics that enticed cannabis users to use this indica dominant strain. It has a purplish color and accent, which is something unique while giving off a sweet honey scent. The potency of its buds is something to look forward to.

Flavor and Effects of Hawaiian Honey Purple

This strain is composed of highly mixed flavors of grape and sweet honey. It has an immediate kick of sedative high that takes you to a euphoric, very calm state. It also uplifts your body, which makes you feel alive and motivated.

What are the Medical Effects of Hawaiian Honey Purple

This strain is known for its amazing medical benefits that can treat people who are suffering from back pain, muscle spasms, sleeping disorders, depression, and Crohn’s diseases.

Negative Effects of Hawaiian Honey Purple

You can expect a bearable feeling of dizziness and headache. It dries up your mouth and eyes and makes your vision blurry at times, especially when the amount of marijuana consumed is high. You will feel paranoid over small things, and it changes your mood immediately.

Growing the Hawaiian Honey Purple

While it can be hard for some to cultivate strains, this type of cannabis does not require much effort. All you need to know is some basic skills and knowledge on how to plant cannabis. It surely needs some patience, but when you see its flowers, it is all worth it. Prepare the needed resources to start planting strains such as spacious areas, soil, unlimited water supply, vitamins, and light. It produces great yields outdoors, but you need to make sure the plant is away from pests, molds, and other environmental factors that can damage its growth.

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