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Hawaiian Dream

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This strain was created by using the Blue Dream and the Maui Wowie strains, the Hawaiian Dream, a 100% Sativa hybrid strain that has a very high CBD level that surpasses its THC level. In this case, the medicinal purpose is very much benefited than how the effects would work; nonetheless, it would still be an enjoyable journey to try. 

Flavor and Effects of the Hawaiian Dream

Fan of the Hawaiian dream seek for the inviting flavors made up of grapefruit, and pineapple and the sweet, citrus and tangy taste to enjoy. This is a strain that is quite more n relaxing side as you get to focus more, and the high bar soars up you will feel the uplifted feeling and happy with a little kick of euphoria on the side.

Medical Benefits of the Hawaiian Dream

The soaring CBD of the Hawaiian Dream is boasting the qualities that it can do, reducing pain, alleviating stress, and inflammation while relaxing body tension and muscle spasms, including cramps.

Negative Effects of Hawaiian Dream

As long as you use strain, you will always mostly the drying of the mouth. There are also instances where dry eyes are associated with dizziness, headache, and anxiety level lower down. 

Growing Hawaiian Dream

Growing the Hawaiian Dream in a controlled environment where lighting, humidity, and temperatures are easily customized to simulate a climate needed by this marijuana. Another good thing about indoor planting is that it is protected against any various forms of pests and diseases aside from the sudden changes in weather conditions.