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Hawai’i ’78

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This Hawai’i €˜78 is a pure Sativa strain and has also been known to natives of the island of Hawaii as the famous €œSweet Lady of Wa’ahole.€ It was also an all-time favorite marijuana breeder to use as a parent to create various strains to discover new effects. Aromas to enjoy with the Hawai’i €˜78 are more on a flowery scent with an earthy undertone that will give you comfort and a sense of mellow high.

Flavor and Effects of the Hawai’i €˜78

The Hawaii ’78 has a touch of delicious floral with flavors coming fresh pineapples and mangoes. This strain has a cerebral high that pushes creativity and euphoria. You will be feeling happy and very well relaxed after day to day activities. You will also be boosted with uplifting effects.

Medical Benefits of Hawai’i €˜78

Suffering chronic anxiety, stress, and depression won’t be unavoidable if the root cause is not addressed accordingly, but with the Hawai’i €˜78, it can at least delay and reduce it temporarily to give you comfort and soothing benefits. Long-time chronic pain and felt fatigued can also be subdued when consuming this marijuana.

Negative Effects of Hawai’i €˜78

Hydration must be done before and after to avoid the drying of eyes, mouth, and throat, and to help reducing slight headaches during the high.

Growing Hawai’i €˜78

Cultivating the Hawai’i €˜78 is an easy task, for it can be very adaptable to any environment and climates, but the downside for this strain is that it can easily be affected by mold and mildews. So, constant pruning should be administered to lessen the chances.