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Hashplant Haze

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Hashplant Haze is an indica dominant hybrid strain produced by crossbreeding the Afghani with Hashplant and NL#1 strains. Due to its high THC level content, the cerebral high that it can offer would be unique and very much different from you other marijuana. The nugs of thus planting are quite very dense while the buds if broken down has an aroma of lavender scent. 

Flavor and Effects of Hashplant Haze

The relaxing flavors of the Hashplant Haze are mixed with floral taste with pepper and woody on the exhales aftertaste.  When it comes to its high, you will never be disappointed that it will start with a euphoric lift, which will make way to a happy feeling. Then as it kicks in, you will feel more relaxed than the couch -lock effect feeding into your body and mind.  

Medical Benefits of Hashplant Haze

Hashplant Haze has already proven itself to have medicinal properties to dissolving anxiety, stress, and depression. It can also reduce chronic pain related to injuries, migraines, painful eye pressure and dealing with slight nausea,

It  Effects You Can Expect from Hashplant Haze

If ever you will feel the adverse effects such as drying of the mouth and your eyes, just hydrate yourself, then it will be lessened.

Growing Hashplant Haze

Hashplant Haze can survive outdoors and indoors. The good thing about this strain it is easy to cultivate. If you are opting for outdoor, you can use the mulching method, which basically means using organic material to fill in the soil. Not only it plays a very important role in fertilizing the soil, but it also can retain the moisture under and keep your plant very well hydrated.