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Hash Mask

Hash Mask

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The Hash Mask leans more to indica variety. It is developed and produced through an excellent idea of putting together the Kaya’s Koffee and Gasmask. It has inherited its parent’s very astonishing attributes when it comes to producing high-quality buds full of resins. It brings a gassy aroma with a coffee scent.

Flavor and Effects of the Hash Mask

You can taste a gassy flavor on this strain, especially when it is exhaled. It also has hints of coffee and fruity flavors, although it is only an aftertaste. It brings you to a euphoric and sleepy vibe while feeling relaxed and energized.

What are the Medical Effects of the Hash Mask

This strain focuses on helping people cope up with depression and insomnia. It is a good anti-stress or antidepressant, and it helps in treating people suffering from chronic pains and inflammation.

Negative Effects of the Hash Mask

The negative effects only last for hours. This strain will make you feel dizzy and nervous. It increases your heart rate, which can result in palpitation and risk of stroke. It can dry up your mouth and eyes, which makes your vision blurry. You can also feel an insatiable hunger.

Growing the Hash Mask

The Hash Mask is not complicated to grow. It does not require expertise, but it is important for you to know basic knowledge about growing cannabis plants. This strain is just like any other strain that needs more attention and care. You need to be able to provide water, soil, air, light, and spacious space. You can cultivate it inside your home or in a garden. Wherever you place it, make sure that the area has a good temperature and can easily be exposed to daylight. You can improvise lights when placing it indoors. You can use LED or any bulb type.

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