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Harley Twin

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Crossing the extremely medicinal Harle-Tsu with the famous Harlequin created Harley Twin, a Sativa dominant with equally high CBD and THC  level strain, Thus making it a great therapeutic option and not only that, but it is also equipped with an excellent boasting high to enjoy with. 

Flavor and Effects of Harley Twin

You will be binging with the sweet berry and fruits combined with the herbal with sweet woody pine undertones as the aftertaste. Harley Twin sky-high begins with a frail race of cerebral power that transmits you to feel being lifted and boost your mood with overconfidence. You will also be left in a euphoric state within the sea of ideas that will totally make you very creative.   

Medical Benefits of Harley Twin

The high CBD level of Harley Twins is much appreciated for its undeniably effective with treating various ailments and conditions. This will help in eliminating chronic pain, ache in spinal injuries, and for the throbbing inflammation as well.

Negative Effects of Harley Twin

As for adverse effects, there will just be a little kick of headache after consuming the Harley Twin but if too much was taken and no control and in no moderation, it is expected to be very dizzy and same as the pain in the head will be elevating a little that will deliver an uncomforting feeling. 

Growing Harley Twin

Harley Twin can survive in both set-ups very well, from outdoor to indoor. Outdoor has a more relaxing planting for most of all that you needed are provided by nature, but in case of sudden changes of weather, you should also be ready to give a defense to your plants. For heavy rain, you can use the temporary canopy to cover or shelter and don’t forget to provide your plants with proper nutrients, not just the plant itself but also the soil.