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Harley Storm

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The Harley Storm, the strain that was created after crossbreeding the infamous Harle-Tsu and the powerful Thunderstruck cannabis strain. The distinct features of its bud are light flashy green nugs with golden yellow light hairs that are totally covered with crystal trichomes and enjoyable aroma of spicy herbs.

Flavor and Effects of Harley Storm

This bud a not so strong lemony zest combined with herbal flavor and the sour damp peppery as a result of charred nugs. Harley Storm has a moderately mild high that is quite making you feel happy and relaxed. As the high slowly creeps in your body, a slight increase of energy with focus rushes in and leaves you with a creative mind and satisfied as well. you will know that the high tones down for the tingly effect comes in with a little touch on your neck and spine. 

Medical Benefits of Harley Storm

Harley Storm a highly recommended because of its medicinal effects that have a huge help managing discomforts such as chronic pain, reducing inflammation and cramps, it also acts as an analgesic on headaches or migraines. 

Negative Effects of Harley Storm

When it comes to the negative effect, the usual reactions are the dry mouth and eyes, and sometimes, dizziness and headache. 

Growing Harley Storm

Harley Storm needs a little effort when cultivated; however, this is quite susceptible to mold. Therefore, methods such as pruning or removing dead leaves and branches are essential, and most of all,   trimming should be worked out to help in preventing the problem.