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Harle Tsu


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It’s a hybrid strain that has a high content of CBD, which manifested around 75% in its effects. Southern Humboldt Seed Collective combined Harlequin and Sour Tsunami to attain this breed. It’s used in medical treatments even though it has a little amount of THC. This rare bud is so mellow.

If you have this strain, you don’t need to have a massage or spa treatments to ease yourself from tired muscles and tension. It will soothe your being, and it will give you time to invigorate yourself. You’ll find a customized way of relaxing. Thanks to the dark green buds and purple leaves of this weed.

Flavor and Effects of Harle-Tsu

The taste of mixed spices doesn’t only go your palate, but it proceeds to your throat. The delightful taste also exists in this bud, and it contributes to its relaxing sensation. The citrus and peppery tones give you the blast of euphoria. Pine and woody flavor remind you of your existence and how alive you are.

It’s consistent in giving the body relaxation. Floating feeling takes place so you can forget about your worries and anxiety. Happiness is also a part of its effects, and you will feel like you’re jumping for joy. It makes users stay focused and motivated to finish tasks at hand.

Medical Benefits of Harle-Tsu

It’s an analgesic or painkiller that gives comfort to individuals who have post-op pain, chronic pain, and migraine or headache. It further handles inflammation that is caused by overworking or muscle spasms. It helps patients conquer the things that alter their system, and it promotes the betterment of their well-being. The relaxation provides users to lull them to sleep, especially the ones who are under the pressure of insomnia.

The uplifting effects of this strain made it a part of the treatment of depression and stress. Patients hustle with their symptoms, but this weed helps them to cope up with them. All of these things are made possible because of its high CBD content.

Negative Effects of Harle-Tsu

Dry mouth and dry eyes are the adverse effects of this strain. Smokers need enough water or fluids in their bodies to eliminate dryness. They should also use the amount that they can take, so headaches and dizziness can be avoided.

Growing Harle-Tsu

This plant can have its growth both indoors and outdoors, and the best part is that it can thrive in various environments with a maximum temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. During the flowering stage, this weed shouldn’t be exposed in a 50% humidity level. When foliage grows too dense, you must trim it before the formation fungi and mold sets in.

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