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Hai Fantasy

Hai Fantasy

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Hai Fantasy Strain is a Sativa-dominant strain bred by Kannabis Seed Company. It combines the tropical taste of Hai with the earthy Black Domina gene. The smoke of the Strain entangles its consumer with tropical mysticism and incredible aromas. Hai Fantasy leads to intense cerebral reflex and ecstatic feeling.

 Flavor and Effects of Hai Fantasy Strain

Hai Fantasy Strain has a well-balanced taste of earthy and sweet Strain. It automatically makes users feel arouse and euphoric. This great bud starts with a soaring high before settling down into a deep and relaxing stone allowing you to enjoy your couch truly. Hai Fantasy’s uplifting effects and abundant yield makes it a joy to consume and grow.

 Medical Benefits of Hai Fantasy Strain

The medical benefits of Hai Fantasy Strain include depression, appetite loss, arousal issues, and chronic pain. The Strain can be taken in both day and nighttime.

Negative Effects you can get from Hai Fantasy Strain

This type of cannabis has adverse effects of insomnia, dry eyes and mouth and dizziness. Therefore it is recommended to drink a large amount of water after smoking this cannabis. Users may also feel sleepy afterward.

 Growing Hai Fantasy Strain

Breeders should take note that this Strain needs quite a lot of food from the very beginning of its life cycle and especially during its flowering period to ensure optimum growth and for the buds to harden and not be fluffy. Regular pruning and growing in SCROG is highly suggested for a larger yield. It needs much light, so experience breeders recommend cultivating the Strain outdoor.