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This hybrid strain is a blend of Gupta Kush tagged as €˜Doctor of Dankness’ and Gorilla Glue #4. Colorado Seed Inc. developed this full-bodied Indica breed that only a few had the chance to try. It enters your system in an instant. It’s a very potent herb that influences users with focused high. Its sedative attribute makes this weed ideal for the end of the day or night time.

This breed creates lumpy, large, and thick buds in the shade of neon green. It has yellow-green thin pistils and tiny crystal trichomes for its coating. It is also a prolific grower with an upright growth pattern and even node spacing. This is a powerhouse kind of strain, so high doses can overwhelm some users. If you want to tolerate your sloth impulse, this is the right bud for you.

Flavor and Effects of Guptilla

This strain is fragrant, and it has a sweet lemony grape flavor with a tinge of fresh pine and kush. It carries earthy essence and pungent floral too. Its strong potency is long-lasting, and it does take you to a focused high. The high is born in the user’s system as an immediate response from smoking it.

Its exhale has a hefty shot on cerebral sedation. The sleepiness will spread all over the body. It even seeps to your bones and muscles, and it takes you to a stony relaxation. These effects promote deep and reposeful sleep. Users will have the chance to be blissful and completely relaxed without any anxieties, worries, and pain.

Medical Benefits of Guptilla

The hard-hitting effect that can knock out the body is the reason why it’s a strain that has participation in medication and treatments. It promotes sleep, so it’s prescribed to some people who have sleeping disorders or insomnia. It is body-soothing, so it’s used to ease muscle spasm, inflammation, and chronic pain. This weed alleviates stress and anxiety. It also aids in managing seizures.

Negative Effects of Guptilla

Dry eyes and dry mouth are developed from smoking weed, so users should drink a lot of water for prevention. The THC level shows how potent this strain can be, so newbies shouldn’t dare to take a massive amount. There were some cases of dizziness, and who knows what other adverse effects it can bring, so it’s always safe to be careful about the amount.

Growing Guptilla

Since this is described as a prolific grower, it’s no sweat to cultivate this strain. Topping and longer vegetative period will guarantee you a high yield. There are no records that it can thrive outdoors. Some growers who do it by themselves chose to plant it indoors.

You can set up a flower room for it and apply the SCROG method. LEDs can a bit pricey, but they work well for the lighting that the plant needs.

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