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The Original Haze crossing it with AK47 is what made the Gunsmoke marijuana at hand. The breeders from the TreeTown Seeds made this possible. You feel like winning the lotto when you get this cannabis as it infuses balanced impacts that will serve you well.

Flavor and Effects of Gunsmoke

Your lips will be sedated with haze and skunk undertones by the Gunsmoke cannabis strain. It keeps you high for long times, making you inspired and motivated. It will wash you with a total soothing feeling that will turn your back in bed. Henceforth, this also has the power to keep you socially active.

Medical Benefits of Gunsmoke

Gunsmoke will kill away physical pains that keep you from doing things, drifting you out from the heaps of body pains like chronic pain and muscle fits. Your stomach will be happy as you can eat well due to its ability to stimulate your appetite. It breaks your inhibition and then your depression and stress, replacing it with total bliss.

Negative Effects of Gunsmoke

The Gunsmoke marijuana strain infuses the typical negative reactions, which are the drying of the mouth and eyes. However, a twist of fate happens especially when you use this bud too much or not suited to your tolerance. Expect then to experience anxiety, headache, or dizziness.

Growing Gunsmoke

The Gunsmoke must be topped to let the lower nodes feel the wind and light. Additionally, this must undergo some Low-Stress Training (LST) to prevent it from becoming a hermaphrodite. The best place to grow this is on the Mediterranean climate outdoors.

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