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Guicy G

Guicy G

This Indica prevailing strain is made by crossing the mother The Guice and the father Triple OG. Masters at the Exotic Genetix reared this potent cannabis strain. You will get a juicy feeling in the fragrance that will make you use more of this.

Flavor and Effects of Guicy G

Sweet but with hints of chemical and pine the Guicy G bring on its flavor. A raise of creativeness will crawl in your mind, drawing you to enact the new ideas. Sociable energy will also be sent that keeps you active within places.

Medical Benefits of Guicy G

Your mind will fall in the prettiness of everything, as this takes away bipolar disorders and depression. You will be swaying with the tune as the high saves you from muscle cramps and chronic fatigue. Expect to be crazy over munchies as this bud makes you hungry or, consequently, will boost your appetite.

Negative Effects of Guicy G

You will be feeling dry when you utilize the Guicy G. It will occur in the mouth and eyes as the cannabinoids will act upon the liquids in your body. If you use this far beyond the prescribed level, then expect to be sedated with severe dizziness and headache with a touch of anxiety.

Growing Guicy G

The Guicy G cannabis strain must be topped or prune during early vegetative days. Developing this can be indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, that’s got a warm climate and not wet ground as it may rot the roots.