Gucci OG

Although this strain is named after a luxury brand, many can avail it. The increase in consumption is obvious in the flourishing legal cannabis industry. It’s from southern California, and it has the signature aroma of lemon and pine that is the trademark for the rest of its family. A small amount of it stimulates creativity and energy while a high dosage puts users in a dizzying euphoria and heavy sedation.

The big buds of this weed make it exceptional, among other breeds. They are clustered in solid Indica-type structure, and they have distinct shapes in many variations. Some are like a cone that is almost cylindrical, and there are tapered ones. The leaves are colorful, too, as they carry purple, green, and blue hues. The pistils are bright orange, and the translucent white trichomes glitter on top of those things.

Flavor and Effects of Gucci OG

This bud seduces smokers by its unique blend of flavors. The first part of savoring this strain gives you the taste of berries and spices. It’s also lemony and earthy with the hints of pine and herbs. Its effect gets into one’s system, and it is associated with free-thinking. But you will still be able to control your mind and speech, so social traits are improved.

It relieves tension as it rocks your body to relaxation without dragging yours to couch-lock mode. It’s versatile as users can take it in different circumstances.

Medical Benefits of Gucci OG

Its ability to heal severe and chronic cramps is rampant in the medical world. Women find this strain useful when their menstrual period comes as it relieves them from abdominal pain. It can uplift spirits as it ignores negativity, so it’s the bud for those who are depressed. It induces hunger, so people who lost their appetite can have their meals in the normal pattern. It’s also useful in cases of insomnia as it’s relaxing and make the users sleep easily.

Negative Effects of Gucci OG

Smoking this weed result to dry mouth, irritated eyes, and thirst up to the point of having a cough. Eye drops and hydration can stop these side effects from bothering you. This strain is extremely potent with no doubt, so some may experience mild anxiety or paranoia.

Growing Gucci OG

Interested growers may avail clippings or seeds to plant this strain. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, but it should have a regular supply of sunlight. It’s easy peasy to grow this breed even for beginners. Not to mention that it is resistant to pests and common molds. It can give you a generous yield when you set it apart from frost.

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