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Guava Gelato

Guava Gelato

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This strain was developed by Sherbinkski, a cannabis company that specializes in strain’s profile and products or branding that are connected with lifestyle. It is a phenotype of the well-known Gelato breed, so it has a unique terpene profile. It has a delicious flavor and an enormously powerful effect. You can buy this strain as a concentrate or in a shake section.

The dense nugs often grow into medium size, and its colors are ranging from dark purple to mint green. There’s a massive amount of trichomes around them, and it seems that they may fall off. The bright orange hairs that cover them give contrast to the different shades. Looking at its buds feels like you’re already getting a taste of it.

Flavor and Effects of Guava Gelato

The aroma can be described as a piña colada and creamy mix of tropical fruit. It also contains a distinct hoppy scent. It’s amazing and intense that it can knock you off your feet even though you’re about ten feet away. The taste is no difference, as it is like piña colada with the presence of hop.

It has effects that are similar to other strains in the Gelato family. The early phase will be uplifting one’s spirit, so it brings euphoria and elation. The high it gives brings happiness to the users while they relax and put their minds at peace. Indica qualities put relaxation sensation on the limbs so you might as well enjoy the physical relief. Creativity is increased so they can have many ideas in finishing their tasks.

What are the Medical Effects of Guava Gelato

It has the role of being an analgesic in medical practice. It relieves physical pain and aches, and some of them are chronic. Many users have taken advantage of this attribute, and they’re thankful that they got out of the misery of pain. Patients who take this strain have conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, and inflammation. It readily works in alleviating symptoms.

It helps people in fighting anxiety and depression by the relaxation effect and the uplifting spirit it provides them.

Negative Effects of Guava Gelato

Smoking cannabis brings dry mouth and dry eyes or irritation. Consumers should be prepared for them by drinking a lot of water. Hydration is the way to combat dryness. Being responsible for the dosage is important to avoid any other side effects. You don’t want to risk having high blood pressure and an increased heart rate.

Growing Guava Gelato

This strain is not that easy nor hard to grow. It would be easy for experienced growers as they know many techniques in handling Cannabis. Beginners may take some advice from the advanced growers. It can be cultivated through seeds and clippings. The flowering time may take 49 – 70 days.