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The Greyhound strain is a hybrid kind of marijuana with varieties of indica and sativa genetics. This marijuana is from the Mycotek seed bank and was created through the combination of the Thin Mint cut from the strain, Girl Scout Cookies, and the Dog Cage strain.

Flavor and Effects of Greyhound

With the terpenoids of the plant, you will be in awe of the sweetness and piney scent of the strain, along with other flavors like the earthy and herbal tones indication and mild peppery taste. The effects can promote stimulating high, which pumps creativity to the mind while these are experienced along with other effects like relaxation and calmness.

Medical Benefits of Greyhound

In the field of medical and health, the strain is a popular tool to eliminate pain and stress. It can be a good source of energy as well, which can reduce fatigue. Depressive emotions are issues that cannot be avoided by a few people, and the strain could be the best way to gradually reduce the occurrence of such conditions.

Negative Effects of Greyhound

In terms of adverse effects, the cannabis is responsible for providing mouth and eyes drying, which can be typically accompanied by redness of the eyes. However, if the amount consumed has overdosed, possibly it can lead to further complications like anxiety and paranoia. Although it will not cause any lethal effect, minimal consumption is still recommended.

Growing Greyhound

Indoor and outdoor areas are the most suitable cultivating environments for this type of cannabis. It can be simply dealt with by novice growers without a problem due to its standard requirements for development.

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