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Grey Mist

Grey Mist

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The Grey Mist is a pure indica cannabis that has an unidentified origin. There is ambiguity in terms of its parents, and up until now, it has not been identified. Although it is very famous and known in Amsterdam, particularly at the Gray Area Coffeeshop, you can identify the plant by looking at its buds in colorful bright green and the nugs are in the dense structure. The trichomes are coated in frosty white crystals.

It is important to note that the cannabis has won two prestigious awards placing second and third at the High Times Cannabis Cup in the same year 1998 but in different categories as Best Bio and Best Cannabis, respectively.

Flavor and Effects of Grey Mist

It has an outstanding balance and mixture of flavors that possess a coffee like the taste and blended with some herbal, sweet, and spiciness undertones. The scent can be described as minty and woody. The apparent indication of chemical and woody tones are also present. The effects can be very lengthy and bring relaxing experiences. It could add a little uplifting effect as well, but mostly it promotes calmness.

Medical Benefits of Grey Mist

The medical benefits and capacities of the weed could include the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. It may also show great help in dealing with stress and headaches and other related symptoms.

Negative Effects of Grey Mist

The most typical undesirable reaction that this weed can impose on your body is dehydration and a parched mouth.

Growing Grey Mist

When cultivating this weed, indoor and outdoor growing locations should not be bothered as it can withstand various locations conditions. It may also be easy for beginners to thrive in this plant successfully.