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Gremlin is a sneaky strain that has a citrus and earthy aroma when combusted, will be creeping in your body slowly, and gets you energized. This cannabis was the product after crossbreeding King Louis XIII, rubbery taste, and Mogwai of the Lost River Seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Gremlin

Tasty flavors that will keep you on the go with Gremlin is the sweet fruity citrus combined with the cookie dough and the earthy taste at the end of the taste. It will keep you cerebral high that is quite energizing and uplifting. The euphoric happiness will lead you to a sleep state as the high goes down.

Medical Benefits of Gremlin

This strain is quite beneficial to ADHD patients, suffering from depression, anxiety and stress, relieving chronic pain, eye pressure, headaches, muscle spasms, and even insomnia, nausea, and epilepsy.

Negative Effects of Gremlin

Drying of the mouth and eyes are constant negative common effects when using Gremlin and as a result of overdosing paranoia is experienced

Growing Gremlin

Gremlin can thrive in all types of environments, as it is warm and not so hot. Most situations, when this strain is exposed to too much temperature will result in wilting, growth and will have a low yield. This is a heavy-weight seed, so it is expected to prep soil first to avoid seeds and plants that don’t grow properly. Prepping soil is important to planting for it can make your soil healthy, and common knowledge, healthy soil grows healthy plants.

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