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Green Smack

Green Smack

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Green Smack is a variety of cannabis that is composed primarily of sativa genetics. The combination of Clockwork Orange strain and the Uptown Haze strain was maintained until they found the perfect match from their offspring. The breeders from Riot Seeds selected the Green Crack female cannabis to produce such an outstanding product with a very attractive appearance that has buds in purple color.

Flavor and Effects of Green Smack

The richness of mango flavor illuminates both the scent and taste of the weed. It is very sweet and fruity that it can give a very soothing experience for cannabis consumers. The energetic vibes and uplifting feelings it can generate will provide a stimulating impact on the users.

Medical Benefits of Green Smack

Many reports have said that the strain is particularly helpful and beneficial among people having trouble with eating problems and disorder. Depression could be easily swift away with just one hit from this strain.

Negative Effects of Green Smack

Always expect to experience dehydration after consuming the weed. This may lead to mouth dryness and eyes itchiness. Further effects may lead to a rise in anxiety and manifestation of paranoia if the consumed amount is not regulated properly.

Growing Green Smack

Indoor and outdoor locations are the most suitable and adequate areas to cultivate this cannabis plant. It only needs a slight nutrient requirement. Using coco setup, with additional power from the casting of worms, can increase the improvement of the plant. It can accumulate vigorously and bring a lot of harvests by the end of the process.

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