Green Ribbon

A well-balanced hybrid, the Green Ribbon cannabis strain, is an upscale crossbreed from California. It has a genetic lineage composing of the Green Crack, the Trainwreck, and Afghani strains. Its buds are medium in size, dense, and covered with a thick coating of trichomes making the nugs look almost completely white.

Flavor and Effects of Green Ribbon

The Green Ribbon’s aroma is subtle with fruity, sweet, and citrusy scents. These are usually accompanied by earthy and pine undertones. Its flavor profile complements its pleasant aroma. It boasts of a sweet and spicy flavor with pine and woody aftertaste. The taste is also mellow enough and does not linger on the mouth.

While it is an evenly balanced hybrid, the strain’s effect is leaning towards the sativa side. At the onset of the high, users will feel the cerebral effects almost immediately. This is usually started with a sudden boost in the users’ energy, with an increased level of creativity and sociability. Users will feel waves of supreme happiness during this cerebral high. As soon as the body buzz kicks in, users will then be lulled to a deep sense of relaxation that often leads to a cough lock.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Green Ribbon

The uplifting cerebral buzz of the strain makes it a good anti-depressant and stress reliever for patients who need a boost of positivity in their lives. This strain is also found to be effective in treating patients with attention disorders, like ADD and ADHD, and patients with PTSD symptoms, too. For its analgesic properties, the Green Ribbon can be useful for managing pains experienced with specific health conditions, like muscle cramps, joint pains, and migraines.

Negative Effects of Green Ribbon

Usual symptoms of this strain are, like most other cannabis strains, are dry eyes. This is usually accompanied by a dry mouth. Many experienced users, however, find this very manageable just by making sure that a source of water is nearby while smoking this strain.

Other than these symptoms, some users will also experience signs of dizziness, anxiety, and sometimes paranoia, especially when consumed above a person’s tolerance limits.

Growing Green Ribbon

Growing this strain can be done indoors and outdoors. Many, however, find that cultivating it outdoors produces better yields of up to 20 ounces or more per plant. When grown indoors, this plant thrives well using the SCROG method or the lollipop technique. Regular topping is required to ensure that this plant provides its maximum yield. Indoor growers can also expect a yield of around 12 to 16 ounces per square meter, and the flowering time should last around 8 to 11 weeks.

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