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Green Queen

The Green Queen is the result of combining the Green Jack and the Space Queen strains. Its primary breeder is thought to JB Dank Nugs, although this is not agreed upon by everyone in the cannabis world. The plant has buds with medium-sized flowers that are deep green in color.

Flavor and Effects of Green Queen

The strain boasts of an earthy, pungent, and herbal scent that is often accompanied by woody and nutty undertones. Users will also smell hints of citrus and pepper for this strain. Similarly, this strain offers a pleasing flavor profile that is a delightful mix of sweet, spicy, and pine with nutty undertones. All these are often accompanied by a sweet berry aftertaste.

The effects of this strain do not surprise users with a sudden head high. Instead, the cerebral effect manifests itself slowly and in a mellow sensation. Simultaneously, this overall cerebral uplift may be accompanied by creative energy. As the high progress, users will then start to feel its indica effects taking over. This is felt through a numbing body high that soon takes over the entire body. The body buzz is relaxing and not overwhelming.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Green Queen

The Green Queen has been used oftentimes with patients suffering from depression and stress. Its effects improve users’ overall mental state by clearing out negative thoughts and energy and replacing them with hope and a positive outlook in life. Some reports also say that this strain is especially helpful to people suffering from bipolar disorders, ADD and ADHD, PTSD, and even simple mood swings. Its numbing physical effects, on the other hand, acts as a very effective pain killer for a wide variety of body aches.

Negative Effects of Green Queen

Smoking this strain has been shown to increase levels of anxiety in many users. This strain was created primarily for recreational use; however, users should always know what it is to be consumed only in moderate doses. Novice users and those with low tolerance levels will surely experience their adverse effects.

Other than anxiety, users will most likely experience itchy and dry eyes as well as a dry mouth with this strain. Often times this is almost immediately remedied by drinking water what on high.

Growing Green Queen

Growing this strain can be done indoors and outdoors and in greenhouse settings. Outdoor cultivation requires a warm and Mediterranean climate with the appropriate amount of sunlight and humidity. Indoors, it can produce medium to high yield in about 9 weeks tops. It is important that the strain is also provided with enough headspace to grow vertically and horizontally to reward growers with its maximum yield.

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