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Green Ninja

Crossing strains, between the unique cannabis called Northern Lights and Afghani, came out the Green Ninja, created by the Heavyweight Seeds. From the name itself, it is quite fascinating to smell the aroma of combined exotic fruits and herbs and spices. Mysterious as it is, you will be delighted how it will satisfy your night and leave you sedated and happy.

Flavor and Effects of Green Ninja

Green Ninja is a combination of the fruity tropical flavors mixed with herbal eastern taste and spicy zests at the end of your tongue that dawdle for a few minutes before it kicks you with a cerebral high. This strain can make you euphorically happy literally but still sits you in a focused state. Then as the high kicks in to the highest level, you will feel heavily medicated and sedated as well before you get to deep sleep.

Medical Benefits of Green Ninja

For medicinal purposes, Green Ninja is a well recommended relieving chronic pain and depression, but most of all, this is a good option for people who are having a hard time to get to sleep.

Negative Effects of Green Ninja

It is common to experience the drying mouth and eyes when using Green Ninja, so just hydrate yourself to keep its moisture.

Growing Green Ninja

Green Ninja can grow in any environment, but it can thrive more indoors. Gardeners would rather grow this cannabis in a well-controlled environment and by using hydroponics as well to keep it away from pests and diseases.

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