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Green Love Potion

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Concocted by mixing Black Domina and Lavender together, Green Love Potion is an indica dominant strain that will surely make you fall in love. With 80% indica properties combined with 20% sativa qualities, it produces a plant with compact, resinous buds that are deep purple and black in color. These colors covered by crystal trichomes become more prominent once temperatures fall. As if the beautiful appearance isn’t enough, Green Love Potion will seduce you further with its cool mint and fragrant lavender scent.
Aside from mastering the art of seduction, it is a sought-after plant for its recreational buzz and medical uses. Bred by Samsara Seeds, it is not yet available as feminized seeds but can be grown either by novices or experienced growers.

Flavor and Effects of Green Love Potion

No love potion has never been as delectable as the Green Love Potion. It delivers a mouth-watering taste of mint and lavender. The two are distinct but upon exhalation, the cool sweetness is replaced by an earthy aftertaste. It sends mixed signals at first and does not reveal its intention right away. But once you have your guards down, the Green Love Potion delivers a fast, clear-headed high which starts in the head around the first 15 minutes from your initial puff. This euphoria buzz slowly intensifies as it conquers your whole consciousness. It clears the mind of unhelpful thoughts so you can focus and unleash your creativity and friendliness. Once the buzz is done with your head, it rapidly takes care of whole-body relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Green Love Potion

Since it can aid in focus and concentration, Green Love Potion is recommended as medical marijuana for ADD and ADHD patients. The calm helps the patients focus on one task at a time, reducing fidgeting and hyper activeness. It also replaces the negative thoughts on the mind of anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder and depression patients. The euphoria it delivers helps them get over feelings of hopelessness and suicidal moments. The relaxing qualities make it a perfect fit for insomnia patients as well. This lovable strain can also help spice up a couple’s love life by triggering love hormones.

Negative Effects of Green Love Potion

The CBD levels of Green Love Potion can cause the user to have cotton mouth and dry eyes since it devoids moisture. It is best to keep a bottle of a glass of water nearby so you can stay hydrated. Though its effects are mild and do not kick right away, have the patience to wait for it to avoid hallucinations and headaches. After all, cheesy it may seem, love is worth the wait and has consequences when rushed.

Growing Green Love Potion Some information and Tips

Green Love Potion can cast spells whether it was grown indoors or outdoors. Hydroponics setup and Low-Stress Training is recommended to encourage its maximum seduction potential. Due to its structure, it is advisable to invest in small fans to ensure equal distribution of air to the branches. The lighting schedule should be adjusted accordingly. Most growers have used LED lights and have been successful. Aside from small fans, you may also consider a ventilation system to reach lower knots.