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Green Line OG

From Cresco Labs, the Green Line OG was created by intertwining the two Lime Skunk and Ghost OG. The high that it can provide is more on mental and physical coziness that makes it a go-to strain for at night. Keeping you stress-free and enjoying the citrus aroma and the kick of the earthy pine woody smell, but a pungent skunk, if not a fan of skunk odor, then move to other sweeter aroma cannabis.

Flavor and Effects of Green Line OG

The combination of the zesty citrus and acidic lime with a little sweet taste, then undertones of pine skunk, is a little bit complex, but this will keep you blissfully relaxed and uplifted from depressing mood but will get you to diminish, then expect the food for hunger will strike soon.

Medical Benefits of Green Line OG

This strain, Green Line OG, will keep you from the agonizing chronic pain, the headaches, and the tension of muscle spasms. It can also release depression, inflammation, and helpful for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Negative Effects of Green Line OG

If you are sensitive to higher THC levels, keep yourself off from this cannabis, for it can contribute more to dizziness, headaches, and the paranoia will increase as well.

Growing Green Line OG

Preparation before planting is needed to have a healthier garden. This strain can be a little sensitive when it comes to mildews, so in order to avoid this kind of problem, prune the leaves to give way to narrow lines of folds; in this way, it will be exposed to light and air. Other than that method, keep your Green Line OG well ventilated to keep it dry and disease-free.

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