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Green Lantern

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Green Lantern is a mostly Sativa cannabis with features that is the best reflection of the well-known Green Crack.  They also have the same intensity when it comes to cerebral and exceptional an effect, which is why fans with the Green Crack are also fans of the Green Lantern while on the other hand is another parent called the White Rhino, the strain with many curative values, which was also inherited by this offspring.

The aroma of the Green Lantern is a boasting lemony scent that invigorates your morning with its combination of pine, peppery, and spicy on the exhale. This strain is commonly used to have a wake and bake attitude to add up in your morning routine, so make sure to add this on to your list together with the Green Crack.

Flavor and Effects of Green Lantern

You would definitely love the flavors of citrus zest and pine with peppery spicy in the morning from your usual coffee.  Uplifting effects will hug your body and mind making you feel very happy and focused. Energizing reactions are also very prominent, making you feel sociable and active and, most of all, very talkative. It would be nice enjoying all the effects in the morning or to events that need a lot of talking to do. 

Medical Benefits of Green Lantern

This strain has great stress relieving quality that is also suitable if you are going through depression, it may be temporary, but at least you were able to get rid of it for a moment. it can also be good for loss of appetite to reverse it and make yourself munch again for some more. Alleviating pain and headaches is also part of the list. 

Negative Effects of Green Lantern

The side effects of using the Green Lantern would be dry mouth associated with dry eyes, but to understand how strong it is, this usual and light discomfort may lead to severe if too much was consumed, it will have a parched sensation, making you feel uncomfortable. Dizziness will also be felt, with slight paranoia and light anxiety. 

Growing Green Lantern

If the Green Lantern is grown indoors, hydroponics is your best option to have a better experience, not just with effects but also with farming. Combining it too with the stress-related practice for the plants can help in shortening the growth phase and very beneficial if you aim for doubling the yield, and then try this method. 

Another thing to consider about this marijuana is that it is not for an environment with rapid changes when it comes to weather; the same is it cannot survive a slightly freezing cold at night. Even creating and providing a temporary shelter would be still not so beneficial.