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Green Haze

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Green Haze was a creation of the A. C. E. Seed, it was their other version of Old-timers Haze that taken from Thai and South Indian ancestors. As great as the old and classic, it was already well known to have one of the best qualities in the cannabis world. The aroma that you will likely enjoy is the fruity and woody smell. Thanks to this heavy-hitting marijuana, this strain will definitely be one of your plants to love and won’t let go. It is more suitable if being during the night or before you hit the sack. This can also be greatly perfect for adding in your night routine to make you sleep better and longer.

Flavor and Effects of Green Haze

The sweet taste of pine and woody flavors combined with the spicy herbal and soothing tang of tea will fill your lungs as you enjoy energizing your mind and body with happiness and euphoria but still focus and not intimidated.

Medical Benefits of Green Haze

Green Haze is valuable to the patient with Alzheimer’s, relieving muscle spasms and tension, long time pain, and if you are losing appetite due to illness, this strain can reverse that particular event. Other ailments to be treated by Green Haze include the depression and stress that leads to nausea and sometimes anorexia. All the symptoms are reduced.

Negative Effects of Green Haze

Enjoying the Green Haze, also has side effects, during the high, the headache will be felt, there will be itching of the dry eyes and drying of the throat and mouth. But in most cases, this has a  very inviting flavor and all, therefore, some would really ensure that they too much, the symptoms like paranoia and dizzy will be experienced.

Growing Green Haze

When planting the Green Haze, there are few factors to consider beforehand. It has a long period of maturity; therefore, the waiting and care should be double to make sure that it can thrive very well without any problem. This grows tall and bendable just like other strains, in this situation, putting support on the branches and stalk can be helpful especially when the full phase comes, and in connection to its stature, this plant should be top from the very start that it grows. This strain will be very challenging when cultivated both indoors and outdoors. 

Outdoors, when a sudden gush of wind and the plant is already full-grown, it can easily break down because it was bent. It is also quite sensitive and easily gets stressed when it comes to unanticipated weather conditions.  When it comes to indoor planting, gardeners follow the same with how it is outdoor but much easier for they can manipulate and control it at the tip of their fingers.