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Green Goddess

Green Goddess is a highly potent sativa dominant hybrid. It is derived from the famous Skunk No. 1 strain, which was crossed with the Sweet Leaf Indica strain. Its buds have medium to large flowers with several striking shades of green, ranging from bringing spring green to dark forest green. It is also covered with dark brown pistils and cloudy trichomes. The look certainly justifies its lofty name.

Flavor and Effects of Green Goddess

True to its name, the Green Goddess boasts of lofty, fragrant floral scent mixed with hints of fresh soil, which is also often accompanied by citrus lemon undertones. With one of its parents being the infamously pungent Skunk No. 1, users can expect a mild skunky note in its flavor profile. This is often mixed with lemon and earthy tastes.

The Green Goddess high’s is similar to the effects of its parent, Skunk No. 1. Even in moderation, the mental buzz is still intense, quickly ushering users to a state of euphoric happiness. In most cases, the senses are amplified, and users will feel an increase in their level of creativity and focus. They feel most productive during this state of high. As the stone starts to set, a relaxing sensation drifts down from the neck to the spine to the rest of the body. Gradually, the uplifting buzz is replaced with deep physical relaxation. Overall, its effects are mild, not crippling, and debilitating.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of the Green Goddess

The Green Goddess does wonders for patients who are struggling to manage body pains and aches. This could range from mild backaches to joint aches and to more severe chronic pains. Its best medicinal use, though, is its mental euphoric and uplifting high. Because of the happy feelings it induces, the Green Goddess is especially helpful with patients going through stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Green Goddess

Using this strain can cause, to a certain extent, dry eyes and dry mouth among many users. Usually, these typical marijuana effects can be mitigated by simple hydration every so often during the session. In rare cases, many users also experience slight headaches, dizziness, and some nausea, especially when used above a person’s tolerance limit. Another thing to know about this strain is that it can also cause an increase in anxiety levels.

Growing Green Goddess

The Green Goddess cannabis strain is not available in seed form. For interested grow, they would need to acquire clippings from a mature plant in order to cultivate these into the sturdy and hardy plants that they are known for. This plant thrives in semi-humid to warm outdoor climate, and growers can expect high yields within 10 to 13 weeks time.

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