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Green Ghost

Green Ghost

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Theraplant is the breeder of this weed variety that will produce dense buds. It is part of the successful projects that patients and marijuana lovers are looking for. You will have the aroma that is onion or body odor or describe as funky but taste delicious to those who favored it. Its parent Seven Ghost that was the product of Alien Genetics is desired by Kush lovers. You may find some traces of it in this weed variety. The other parent is Bruce Banner #3 that came from the efforts of the breeder Delta 9 Labs.

Flavor and Effects of Green Ghost

Flavors are sour, spicy, or herbal taste. This is another indica type weed that you will seek for its effect that can relax your mind and body but not that sedating influencing Sativa. Mostly used for the day, but others prefer the night.

Medical Benefits of Green Ghost

This marijuana has been highly sought by users for its medical effects. It can soothe the pain and alleviate the feeling of nausea due to treatment. It allows you to recover your good appetite, helps with sleep problems, combat depression, lower stress, and anxiety.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Green Ghost

Anyone can experience the negative effects of marijuana smoking but are lighter compared to OTC drugs. You can have dry mouth, dry eyes, or red eyes. You can also experience sleepiness, anxiety, paranoia, headache, and dizziness.

Growing Green Ghost

Green Ghost is a good weed variety to grow just as it has good effects, flavor, and taste, especially the seasoned users. You will enjoy growing this weed, waiting for a good harvest.

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